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It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add three new definitions to your point of view each week.

51% Solution: When we undertake a serious spiritual practice we often mistakenly equate making it with reaching “enlightenment.” This goal seems so remote; the feeling of being overwhelmed can stifle our efforts. Life actually changes in an extraordinary way long before we catch sight of the Bodhi Tree. Efforts toward self-mastery can be likened to fighting an uphill battle with the 51% mark of the journey just over the crest of the hill of a bell curve. The last part of the climb is the steepest; and as exhaustion sets in before too long and it requires a huge act of will to reach the very top. But, everything changes at the crest for those who have persevered. At the peak, there is more mastery than not, more peace than not. To reach the top we must have assumed responsibility for our experience of life. We are now willing to see things as they are. We are now pulled by love, not motivated by fear. When our experience is more than half acceptable, the majority of our life seems blessed. When we are happy, it is easier to become happier. Now we have gravity on our side. It is impossible to feel powerless. At 51%, it is easeful to grow without the need for obstacles or an inflated ego as a propeller. Over the crest it is easy to witness the myth of our imperfection for the lie it is. This is the doorway for harmony with the extraordinary energy that guides all the forces within the Great Mystery.

Abuse of Power: Power in this context is the aberration of power that is glorified within a fear-based society. “One up and one down,” and “winners and losers” characterize it. Playing people against each other went out of style with the Machiavellians, but the subtleties still exist many places. Fear-based power emits a glamorous lure with its important trappings, and for a while the thrill will hide the pain. Don’t be confused; it is easy to become addicted to the use of this power or association with “powerful” people. Without judgment, it is important to see the truth of what is, not the emperor’s new clothes and what is fashionable to believe. Power is used most appropriately when it is circulated not accumulated.

Acceptance: Acceptance is the key to self-mastery so it is vital to remember we are each born whole and perfect without need for improvement. We cannot be the arbiters of this perfection for it exists outside of a limited dualistic perception. When we discard our egocentric motivation for others/circumstances/ourselves to change in a way we judge as correct before we can accept them/it/ourselves, we realign with our authentic nature and no longer tether our happiness to judgments and circumstances beyond our control.

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The new vocab is not only eye opening but inspiring. I am so greatful for you. I cannot image my world with out my amazing teachers.