Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Integrity: The honest expression of the healed integration of our animal, human and Divine natures. We lose our integrity when we forget we are the source of the light and love we are seeking and don’t speak and act from this truth. The easy way to go astray (out of our integrity) is to use the phrase “my integrity” to justify selfish acts.

Karma: Karma is not some long arm of Divine law and order. It is simply the result of cause and effect in action. There are consequences to every action. There does seem to be an intensification of the consequences by repeatedly avoiding learning a lesson. This is simply what it feels like to break through the increased layers of the denial system.

Love: Unconditional acceptance. Love arises from an unlimited place, so there is no reason to horde it. When it is shared, there is really nothing to lose. “Loss” and “safety” are the purview of fear not love. IN fact the only way to know love is to feel it being expressed.

Love-relationship: In most relationships, we see what we want to see because we want love so badly. We deny what we don’t like, or cover it up with the shroud of the Hope Demon. Later, when we see our beloved more closely, we say we were deceived and we blame the beloved. In fact, from the beginning, we deceived ourselves. We should love because it gives us pleasure to feel love flowing through and out of us. We love another because of who we are. We like others because of who they are. We cannot like a person for his or her potential, as potential has nothing to do with present reality. Potential implies someone— other/you/me—needs to change to become more suitable. It also means love is attached to an aspect in someone that does not exist. We can’t change another. With all of our best efforts, it is very difficult to change ourselves. If it is not possible to accept a loved one as they are, it is most generous to show respect and leave them so they are available for a reciprocal loving relationship.

Mistake: Actions that arise out of the confusion about what is best for ourselves. An inevitable experience that helps us perfect your mastery by learning what works and what doesn’t. If we can limit the number of times we make the same mistake, mastery will come a lot quicker. We thwart our potential when we let fear of failure prevent us from taking chances. The key is to take a chance and be willing to neutrally accept the outcome. If we then categorize the event as a mistake, we need to do our best to learn from it; so we don’t have to waste time doing it again. (Please be kind to yourself and don’t let having to repeat it present an opportunity for the mind's committee to gang up for an internal assault. Instead be so happy to witness the truth of the circumstances and learn from it. Now, the lesson can finally be over.)

Moment (The): That current bit of time that is gone the second we try to capture, identify or hold it and yet is the only place where we can make a choice. We can explore the esoteric aspects of the Divine Mysteries, sit at the feet of great masters and ponder the possibilities of past lives, but truth and action can only be located in a now moment.

No/Co-dependency: Disappointing another to be true to ourselves. Allowing another to hook us with his or her story. When we fully participate in another’s drama, we are by default acknowledging that there is substance to the lie that suggests that person has been victimized by life. Instead share compassion and refrain from playing on another’s stage.

Gini Gentry -

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Hell: The short definition of a fear based belief system. A place of great suffering where love is conditional, the good times are limited and acceptance has endless conditions attached.

Hope and Potential Demons; and their good buddy, Wishful Thinking: Hope is one of those curious places the mind goes; it doesn’t actually create any harm, but it lulls us into inaction while offering no result. Hope is sometimes mistaken for a technique. We had falsely believed because Hope stayed in Pandora’s box, its ravages didn’t affect humans like the trail of tears left by the other demons. With Hope by your side, we can invest in someone’s Potential, but in spite of Wishful Thinking, Hope has nothing to do with someone else’s potential. Hope and Potential may be the biggest curse of all, as their power exists in the inaccessible future. The Hope demon says you’ll be happy when you do _______ (fill in the blank). The Potential demon says you’ll be happy when someone or something else does _______ (fill in the blank). Wishful Thinking keeps you circulating back to the other demons by telling you “it will be different this time.” we can only do or feel anything in the now, not in the future.

Image of Perfection: An unobtainable somewhat ridiculous personal vision inspired by the judge. The judge keeps our attention hooked by aligning the goal posts to something just out of reach and then moving the goal posts as we "improve". This distortion arose NOT out of us being imperfect but about being blind to the truth of our magnificence. The quest for it implies that we are intrinsically flawed and that something will make us appear better. Once again and then again the quest strengthens the Lie of Our Imperfection. In fact we are born whole and perfect without need for improvement and in the likeness of the One who created us.

False Image: We master who we think we are and live our life on auto-pilot. We have two primary images. The first is a tightly controlled image that we assume makes us most acceptable in the eyes of others and so we project it out into the world. We modify this image at will. The second is based on our judgments and perceived failings, laced with disproportionate judgment and shame and held secretly within. Both are based on what or how our inner judge has assessed how we should be while all the while disregarding the good news. We’ve habituated this process so profoundly we are hardly aware of its existence. Freedom of choice, lies unbidden in the shadow.

Impeccable: The highest possible thought or action you can put forth. As you evolve, the level of your highest possibility advances with you.

Gini Gentry -