Friday, May 23, 2008

Presenting... Maya, The Great Mistress of Illusion!

Ah, my beloved . . . at last. I wondered how long it would take for us to meet again. It was inevitable, of course. If you look back over your life, you can witness the perfectly orchestrated chain of events that delivered this dear blog into your world. On your journey here did you suspect there was something in your life amiss? Perfect. That is exactly the awareness you need to propel your escape from the dream-like enchantment of the Magical Theatre, and rediscover and subsequently live the truth of your magnificence.

You’re probably wondering who I am, and why I want to help you awaken. Permit me please--I am known as Maya, the Great Mistress of Illusion, and it is I who designed this enchanted game of earthly life you’ve been playing. What you have thought of as reality, I call the Magical Theatre, for it is a realm where anything can happen if you open to the possibilities. I imagine you are brimming with questions so let me explain. I invite you to imagine a time in the eons before you began your human journey, each love-filled moment flowing unimpeded into the next, across eternity. From this place you, dear one, courageously chose to participate in the antics of the Magical Theatre, so that you might expand beyond your knowing. You fully understood a spell of forgetfulness would be cast on all who entered this enchanted territory. And, like the multitude of other souls who came to explore the magic, your intent was to star in your own glorious production, without being impeded by earthly fears. You were certain you would remember your essential nature-the key to breaking the spell. But no sooner did you enter your body than you succumbed to the potency of the illusion, forgetting you had delightedly agreed to play the game of awakening. Worse, like millions of others trapped in the same oblivion, you developed a deep conviction of your imperfection. You came to accept that in order to feel complete and experience your divine heritage of unconditional love, you needed to change or do something or pretend to be something you were not.

Dear one, do you honestly believe that you are intrinsically flawed? Be assured that this nonsensical thinking is merely a result of the spell you’re under.  The spell leads you to search in vain for the missing pieces of yourself.  You believe that it is only when you find these missing pieces that will  become impossibly faultless and  you will secure love, approval and happiness.  

And now,  let me give you a clue,  the happiness you long for does not exist outside of yourself, so it cannot be found through relationships, treasures or status. The actual wellspring of happiness has simply faded from your awareness. You have forgotten you are born whole and perfect and irrevocably connected to the heart of the Sacred. Love could not have been missing, for you are its source.

Miracles await you, beloved, if only you remember who you truly are. On my behalf I have asked our beloved Gini to share with you the principles that will release you from the slumber of forgetfulness. If you study the guidelines that are presented and live them with intention, you will become free to reawaken the legacy of your divine spark. In the Magical Theatre you are the producer, director, writer, and star of your own wondrous production. Armed with free will, you can take on whatever role you choose in this bountiful world of wonder.  

Beloved, understand that life in the Magical Theatre exists for your enjoyment, a delight that requires you to first awaken to the mystery of your true nature. I am here to help you navigate the journey, so call on me any time you are in need of support and I will join you in the nighttime dream world. Here, unencumbered by the pull of the enchantment, I will reveal the secret of secrets, how to dream down heaven. In return, I ask only that you open your mind and unlock your heart. 

It is a grand deal, is it not?   So let us begin.... curtain!