Sunday, October 4, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Deal Breakers: There is much wisdom to gather on our journey to self-mastery. We can go in search of this understanding and select the path that goes to the right or the left and it won't matter appreciably if we are sincere and strive to be impeccable. We can meditate, dream or chant—or none of those things. We will each proceed through life with our own distinctive approach, however there are some specific obstacles we must each overcome where each of us has to get it. Getting it usually requires releasing a limiting habit or belief and acquiring a new understanding that is crucial for mastery. With new understanding comes wisdom and a boost to our current level of awareness. If we don’t surrender certain attitudes and actions, our progress is impeded and eventually our development is arrested. The attitudes we need to surrender to gain wisdom are deal breakers.

Denial System: A way we perpetuate our limited beliefs by turning a blind eye to circumstances that would call our beliefs into question. To keep our belief system in place and avoid feeling the pain of our fearful false beliefs- AKA wounds, we learn to lie to ourselves and present a contrived image to please others. If we are aware of our lying, and we usually aren’t, we learn to justify the lies, thereby avoiding scrutiny by our morals police. Our DS can also drape an invisibility cloak on a circumstance and that ostensibly makes it easier to handle by repressing what would be painful to experience. We become so practiced at denial that it occurs automatically and blocks us from seeing and feeling what is really going on. As a consequence, it blocks our ability to be in choice.

Detachment: The action of releasing our emotional attachment to the quality, outcome or beliefs of a situation, relationship or circumstance.

Discernment: The action of making a choice. (Judgment is the opinion you have about the choice you have made. Judgment is always present in reactionary choices.)

Divine Great Mystery: Mighty living force of the Creator. The Conscious, immortal, deathless aspect that animates our body seamlessly connecting us to all that is.

Dogma: The Rules that humans agree must be followed to know the Divine Mystery. These rules differ considerably from group to group. No one group has a corner on the market, and yet all of these groups offer their traditions as the Divine traditions. It would be wise to not confuse traditions of man with traditions of the Divine.

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