Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome to the Magical Theatre!


Since childhood, I've had a gnawing sense that life on earth is not intended to be as painful or serious as it seems.  In my dreams I would often see life as a grand game of virtual reality,  devised by some greater force for our soul's enhancement.  Yet I had no outer support of this belief,  since I was the least likely person to undertake a journey of awakening-  I was way too cool to be spiritual.  Then, during a fateful 1988 trip to Peru,  I met a woman who would soon introduce me to a then unknown Mexican Toltec teacher:  don Miguel Ruiz. 
Little did I suspect how life-changing that meeting with Miguel would be.  Immediately, he helped me to see that my "too cool"  attitude was one of the many masks that I had adopted to help me navigate through life.  He explained that, like everyone, I had worn masks such as "victim" or "authority" as outward tokens of my identity,  when,  in fact, none of them accurately described who I was. In fact, the essence of myself-the I am- was far greater than any of the ways I was accustomed to defining myself.  As I stripped off the layers of masks,  I felt my heart begin to open and I knew my life would never be the same. 
While I reveled in the wonder of this new understanding, Miguel shared with me the story of Maya,  the world-renowned Hindu Goddess of Illusion,  who had conspired to create a spectacular game of awakening for humans to play on earth.   The capricious and compassionate Maya embodied what I had long believed: that in this enchanted game we call life, our main purpose is to awake to our divine nature.  
I felt an instantaneous surge of connection with Maya. I knew that Miguel was to become my teacher-the spiritual guide who would help me navigate my path here on earth- and Maya would shepherd my exploration of the Great Mystery in the nighttime dream world.  

It was through Maya's unique voice that I was finally able to distill the heart of the process that forms the foundation for my teachings and books.  Maya has remained with me over the years as the voice of "silent knowledge," or universal consciousness, that represents our highest possibility.  Her wisdom forms a powerful foundation for awakening, simultaneously encompassing many different mythologies and transcending boundaries of religion or belief systems.  

As I continue to work with students from many different cultures and walks of life, I realize that Maya's wisdom,  when practiced with heartfelt Joy,  represents the true core of spiritual knowledge.  And when these teachings are seamlessly integrated into a person's life, they guarantee the ability to dream down heaven.

I am deeply honored to pass on this wisdom through my experiences and understandings of the application of the wisdom.  I will reveal a backstage view of Maya's Magical theatre known as life... and Maya may make the occasional guest appearance herself to answer any questions you might submit.   

It is my most sincere wish that her deeply transformative lessons bring as much illumination and delight to you as they have to me.