Monday, March 2, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Cathartic Release: When we pry loose the tightly held covering of a fearful and difficult emotion and relieve the pressure, the experience can be so intense that it is easy to confuse the release with a permanent healing. BUT, until we find and eliminate the false or unsupported belief that lies at the root of the fear, the pressure will build again and again. To assist in turning the experience from a cathartic release to a more lasting experience here is a powerful technique called LIQUID: Listen, Identify, Question, Understand, Intuit, and Decide. It goes like this: Listen to the babble of the inner voices to locate the belief at the core of the discomfort. If emotional pain is present, it indicates the presence of long-held hurtful and likely false beliefs. Identify the belief as carefully, thoroughly, and honestly as possible, using the impeccable clarity of the impartial observer. Question the belief’s validity through the discernment of the impartial observer, and notice how it feels physically. Understand what it would be like to live the rest of life with the belief. Intuit life without it. Finally, Decide if this belief should be running your personal production in the Magical Theatre. If not,—make a conscious, willful commitment to do whatever it takes to release it. As it leaves, it is like witnessing smoke as there is nothing “real” in a belief that is not based on enduring truth. Next, intentionally fill the empty space with love. When the residue of emotional wounding is released and the resulting space is filled with love, another building block of life mastery slides into place.

Centered: A place in the center of duality. Here things don’t stop changing, rather it means allowing them to be how they are without need for an opinion or a fuss.

Complaining: What robs us of our happiness when we don’t take responsibility for our life experience. Posing as a victim, blaming and trying to get someone else to fix it can also accomplish this. It is a perverse way to get attention for suffering which leads to more suffering.

Control: Trying to regulate events and circumstances to get what we want/need, and feel safe. Of course, since everything is under the purview of the Divine Mystery, we are never in control we just think we are. Our actions are usually our reactions and they crop up unbidden and automatically like a robot. The only thing we really control is what we put on in the morning. Even dressing for the illusion is questionable. Everything is just part of the Mystery.

Courage: Feeling the fear—sweaty palms, racing heart and shortness of breath—and doing it anyway.

Gini Gentry -