Saturday, October 10, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Drama: What occurs when someone or something is not how or what we (or them) want it to be and we (or them) lose our awareness and go into a reaction.

Empowered Victim: A more masterful victim, but still confused. A person motivated by old lingering wounds to use newly acquired power to look important. A newfound voice that may be speaking about ideas that are closer to the truth but with veiled judgment and without true acceptance or love.

Experience: What arises from life when we do not get the outcome we are attached to.

Fear of the unknown: No such thing. You are afraid of re-experiencing something that you already know or think you know.

Fear, Irrational and Otherwise: A bear running toward you is a reasonable fear that arises when the body is in danger. Unless you have a past life as Goldilocks, it is not natural to worry (feel fear) that a bear may appear any time you pass a grove of trees.

Fear: Contraction, anxiety, depletion, worry, envy, arrogance, disharmony, scarcity, anger, guilt and bitterness in action.

Forgiveness: Releasing another from being responsible for how we feel. When we forgive, we no longer poison ourselves each time we remember someone else’s perceived transgressions. This is not giving a seal of approval to the bad guys, rather it frees us from the mantle of our victimhood and the need to get even. At the very least, it offers the ability to go forward without carrying the burden or resentment. It is also important to forgive ourselves for innocently believing the lie of our imperfection.

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