Sunday, October 25, 2009


It’s important to learn the vocabulary that will support and enhance your character study for your new role in The Magical Theatre, so I suggest you make an effort to add new definitions to your point of view each week.

Free Will: What happens when we are free to control our own attention and are no longer in reaction. From this perspective we are at choice and are free to take conscious action.

Freedom and its Price: Priceless. Freedom is not about personal space, money or relationships that bind. It is also not freedom from the Divine or freedom from love. In one way or another, we are bound to this life. True freedom is the ability to allow our emotions to flow through us and to make intentional choices based on present time. To be free we must embrace our fearless connection with the Divine Mystery and love; or else we get the default, which is other than love. There is not a neutral choice that says we can be free and not choose to align with the Divine Mystery. It is not possible to find freedom and leave The Divine out of the mix.

Gratitude: The choice to see the Divine Mystery in all things. We should have endless gratitude for not getting all those things we have thought we wanted as those desires have often been motivated by the promptings of our fearful bleiefs. Often the way we get what we need is not to get what we want.

Greed: Attachment to more than you need. Greed is self-perpetuating as it creates a sense of greater need because of its hollow fulfillment.

Guilt: We feel guilty when we make ourselves wrong for our choices or even thoughts of making choices. We say someone can make us feel guilty, but no one else can make us feel anything. Guilt is one of the largest wastes of energy we perpetrate upon ourselves. It arise from this idea that somehow (and we’re not even remotely sure how) we’re intrinsically wrong. At the root of it all --AGAIN-- is the omnipresent Lie of Our Imperfection that arose from our socialization.

Happiness: The quality of emotion we feel when we have accepted yourself as we are and there is a consistent characteristic of peaceful acceptance and love pervading our emotions. This love is impersonal and doesn’t depend on meeting certain outside criteria to exist. This can be confusing because we have often associated our feelings of happiness with control and accumulation. This is a gross inaccuracy. That particular aberration of happiness could be described more precisely as the relief that occurs because we feel safe when the illusion of the Magical Theatre of our life momentarily allows us to believe our needs are being met from the outside.