Saturday, June 21, 2008


An email correspondence.


I understand you are in the garden of the goddess. That is exciting.
I like your expression. I understand something is going to happen in
2012. I feel it and my geneological family does not believe. If you
do not mind me asking, is there anything we can do to prepare?


and here is my reply.

Casey--I don't believe something unexpected or unusual is going to happen in 2012. Rather, I think of that date as an arbitrary harbinger signaling the advent of a new age of unimagined possibility and grace. On the other hand, the earth is obviously going through a rebalancing or perhaps you might even think of it a cleanse.

To respond to the reprocussions of those changes and their effects on the humanity you will need to:

Learn to stay present in the only moment available to you-NOW.

Live compassion for every earthly participant and experience.

Practice acceptance of all of life.

Commit to developing a moment to moment understanding of where you place your awareness and move it away from fearful respones.

Do whatever it takes to interrupt then break the habit of judgment.

and finally

Come to know your eternal relationship to your godself as deeply as possible.

I apprecate that in these challenging times you might not think I answered your inquiry, but as you master these considerations I have offered to you by finding ways to follow and become a lving example of these suggestions, you will discover that indeed the question no longer exists. gg