Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Confidential reply to FK:

Dear one:

Please trust me when I tell you that indeed you will come to find that it is a lot easier to play through life in a condition of deep ease- rather than holding down the fort of old worn out beliefs propelled by "shoulds" in a boundary-less landscape. The process of moving from fear to love only seems hard because of the presence of resistance. When you get tired of struggling you'll stop. Isn't that grand news? Sometimes, some of us (like me for sure and possibly you...) have needed to learn "lessons" by putting the head down and running as hard as possible into the local brick wall. Then one day a bit of divine intervention sallies forth from the heavenly realms bringing with it the awareness that the wall technique- while historically offering the illusion of being effective- hurts like a motha. The pain was so familiar it seemed like a totally normal way to live life...but the thought begins to dawn that there are other possibilities. At this point, only your own judgment of what has gone before (and can't be judged into not having existed) can hurt you further.

So what I am saying is resistance is futile-and from your own knowing of your current experience- exhausting--cool huh?